Thursday, May 1, 2014

TPF Secret Easter Bunny Swap Reveal!

I was beyond excited (and quite stunned at the timing) when I arrived home from NYC and Las Vegas to find that my secret easter bunny package had arrived 15 minutes before I had. How did she time it? Darned if I know!

Such a big box! My mom and I opened it immediately.

I think I appreciate wrapping and such much more than the typical person because I am so lousy at it. But it really was wrapped and packaged SOOO well!

I love my reeses! I love how I dont even NEED to fill out a survey anymore. No pink, no red, in general no yellow, no multi coloured glitter and no indies. And always always always add reeses! lol! And seriously! Who could NOT love a REESTER bunny?!

First package:

A very pretty pastel blue Lippmann I dont have! Blue Orchid.

Now I will be honest. When I saw these I was slighly confused. Pink polish and a pink glitter top coat! Hmm...... My mom thought it made complete sense. She was sure it was a gift for bluejinx (me) to give pinkjinx (her). After reading the card the polishes made complete sense, as I too have done that multiple times! I swear in the store it was purple! NOPE! PINK! But as said, Mrs Pink Jinx claimed them. She was quite happy with them. And if shes not happy, NO ONE is.

Marc Jacobs polishes! A dark gorgeous eggplant.

My first Formula X polish. I am not happy about this. I have been steadfast in my refusal to buy/try/look at these polishes. For fear I would love them and need them all. And you know what? BAH!!!!!! My little brother was obsessed once upon a time with a Japanese show called...... something. I dont remember. But the catch phrase was Gotta Get Em All! Or something along those lines. And you yeah....... You have created a monster here. lol. And somehow, a blue Ciate polish I dont have. With over 60 of their polishes I am not sure how that happened! But yay! Its gorgeous also!

A teal polish that SCREAMS my name, and Gobsmacked. I love gobsmacked (and have it) but now I have a backup!

Another stunningly gorgeous Marc Jacobs polish. I seriously love how gorgeous this one is. But I also keep thinking "ok, this one is my next manicure" then open another and repeat the phrase! How am I going to decide?!

I have never ever heard of Dermelect let alone tried one, but I love the purple tinged blue of it. And another pretty Formula X polish.

Ok, this one ALSO needs to be my next manicure! This is not going to work I dont think. How do I do 7 different manicures all at once?

Are you kidding me?! Can you somehow make up your own three packs of minis somewhere? I must figure this out!

The only one of these I have is Boom Box, again, shocking since I have 90% of the line already. But they are little bottles and travel so well. So its a backup that will be very functional!

Such an awesome card!

I seriously had to laugh when I read the bit about the pink polishes. As I mentioned already, I do this ALL THE TIME! I seriously dont even know how I do it as much as I do, but I really do!

Can you tell how much I love everything (maybe not two of them, but my mom loves them, so they are ALL very appreciated)! Now to figure out how to determine my next manicure!


  1. Love love the Marc Jacob polishes.. those are the colours I have as well.. such a lovely package :)

  2. What a thoughtful package! thanks for sharing the shiny goodness. Reeseter bunny is too adorable! And those Marc Jacobs ones are excellent picks! In Sephora stores in the US we can pick 3 of the Ciate Minis to create our own box for one price. It is a good deal, saves about $6 that way. I wish they'd make the option online, too. And I am trying to resist the Sephora X, too. I actually saw a couple at a discount store recently and almost caved. They are getting rave reviews, but I don't want to love another pricey line. I am glad you had awesome nail mail welcoming you home!

  3. I did the same with the Marc Jacob polishes didn't want to try them because when I love a brand I don't buy one I buy many but I loved the bottle and colors a friend got me one for Christmas and yep they needed friends. I know you do not like pink but what is the name of the pink Illamasqua?



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