Monday, May 5, 2014

Nars Blush In Sex Fantasy

So this is the collection that brought me in to the new Nars Boutique on Prince Street in Soho. I really wanted to check out the new blush in 413 Blkr! Pictured below, I was happy to try it on and then even happier to wipe it off immediately. It made me look like I had a rash. So we took it off, and the makeup artist tried putting it on with a lighter hand. I then looked like I had a less intense disease. Seriously though, this blush was way to red toned for me and words do not do justice to just how bad it was on me.

The saleslady/makeup artist was so nice however and so helpful that I felt obligated to get something. And when she took of the horrid blush (not horrid in general, just horrid on me) she asked which one she should put in its place. I said I had quite a few of the permanent line ones, but if she thought one of the new ones from the limited edition Final Cut collection. She immediately grabbed Sex Fantasy, and I knew the minute she put it on that it was going to have to come home with me.

This collection is exclusively available at Nordstrom in the U.S, Selfridges in the UK and Holt Renfrew here in Canada. Seeing as there is no Nars display at our Holt Renfrew, I had not seen these in person yet. Sex fantasy is a pale matte lavender pink that is more cool toned than I normally go for, yet I love it.

The top blush is the Julep Peach Bellini blush and the swatch below is Sex Fantasy.

And here is my rocking the blush. Ok, I may not be rocking it, but I am wearing it.

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