Thursday, May 8, 2014

Formula X polishes in Daredevil, Orbit, Desire and Bonded 2U

All four of these are part of the New Classics line from Formula X. I have been wearing Bonded 2U on my nails for three days and the wear is AMAZING! I will be putting on a different shade tomorrow as three days is enough with one colour nails, but the formula and quality I am loving!

Daredevil is described as "a teal pearl" and is in fact a dark teal foil/metallic. I say dark but its not an almost black colour, or anything close. Its not quite a foil, but not quite a metallic. Somewhere in the middle. Its got the intense streakyness of a metallic, yet its got a finish that is more foil than anything else. Gorgeous, but very time consuming to get a perfect manicure. For this reason, this will be a shade I will rock, but I wont paint my nails myself with it. Way to impatient for that. So it will come to the salon with me next manicure time.

Orbit is described as "a dark sky blue". I think its really the perfect true navy blue. Its a navy blue that looks NAVY and not BLACK on the nail. Its a thicker consistency (a trend I am seeing with the entire line) which for me is a positive. The formula kind of reminds me of the Illamasqua formula though I find these have a nicer wear time. It stayed shiny for the full two days I wore it (sans top coat) and was not even chipping!

Bonded 2U is the one that I put on first. Described as "a smokey plum" its a greyed out eggplant shade that I am digging. This is pretty much my favourite type of colour. Any grey-ed out purple, teal or well, grey and I am in. It dried to look almost like a gel (like all the glossy ones seem to do) and it applied wonderfully. I keep saying its a thick formula, but I guess I should clarify. Its a Dior/Illamasqua kind of thick. Also described as Shayna's favourite formula. I am so in love with these polishes, and I KNOW the 7 I have (along with 4 more on route) are only the start of what might be fast becoming a top ten favourite brand!

Desire is described as "an inky purple" and while the swatch is much truer to life than the bottle pic, the description is valid. Once more a thicker consistency that I personally enjoy, and a great wear time. I also really like the almost gel look that these polishes seem to dry to.

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  1. Daredevil and Desire are the ones I like - so pretty :-)



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