Thursday, May 8, 2014

Formula X A Little Sexy And Inspiring Swatched

I have A Little Sexy and Inspiring to show you today. Both are from The Cut Spring 2014 offerings from Sephora and I am assuming that means they are limited edition? That being said, The Cut Summer 2014 is already out, and the Spring ones are still there, so who knows?

Inspiring is described as "a pearl light turquoise”. This one is more of alight aqua (bordering on teal) with a metallic finish. It is on the thicker side (which seems to be the case with this collection) and as a metallic, it does leave streaks, though not as bad as a traditional metallic polish. I found this was best with two coats, but you have to MAKE SURE to let coat one dry before doing coat two or you are going to have issues with streaks. It dried to an almost satin/matte finish though not quite.

A Little Sexy is described as "a pearl light periwinkle”. It is a middle of the road (not too dark, not too light) periwinkle with a metallic finish. The formula is on the thick side, but I found it more forgiving than the typical metallic polish. Still can be very streaky so you do have to be careful, but no where near what you would expect from a typical metallic polish. Opaque in one coat, I suggest two (as shown in the photo) to alleviate a lot of the streaks. This one also dried to an almost satin/matte finish.

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  1. I do like a pearl finish and these look really nice :-)



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