Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Catrice Haute Future Limited Edition

Future of Fashion. The latest designs are futuristic, edgy and straight. Reflecting surfaces, holographic materials and metallic elements bring the future into the present. A powerful digital look fulfils the highest couture demands and is eccentric as well as energising. The focus is on a palette of cool colours with shimmering green and silver nuances. The new Limited Edition “Haute Future” by CATRICE offers the matching beauty products for this visionary look in April and May 2014: must-haves are the Blush Pearls for soft accents, the Iridescent Topper as a highlighter for your face and body as well as the Holographic Flakes for nails in a trendy 3D-design. Meet the beauty galaxy – by CATRICE.
Let me start by saying I WANT!!! I don't understand why we get Essence and not Catrice since they are the same company. I friggen LOVE LOVE LOVE Catrice polishes. I have yet to meet one I dont love.  This collection is the current one and I friggen want EVERY SINGLE item.

If you live in a magical far away land that sells Catrice - Have you tried their makeup? Is it as great as the polish is? Please tell me its trash! It will ease the pain of not being able to get these.

The Ultimate Nail Lacquer brings the time warp to your nails. Five limited colours with various effects in fashionable blue, green and taupe shades. Available in C01 Eletrix Blue, C02 Never Green Before, C03 iROSEdescent, C04 GaLILACxy and C05 Gem Into The Future. Around 
Cyber Flakes. The transparent topcoat with holographic pigments in silver gives your nails a cosmic look. The flakes can be applied on top of any nail polish for an individual design. Available in C01 Holo Is The New Yolo.
Do you SEE that blue one?!! OMG!!! BAH!!!!!!!!! 


  1. OMG I so did see the blue *faints* They certainly look cool and I like the holo liner too :-)

  2. Yes, I wonder why you don't get those collections, too!
    It is awesome, I bought the whole lot and am loving the lipsticks and eyeliner specially!



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