Friday, May 2, 2014

Aboni Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks

I am slowly going to try to work though all my blogposts and reviews from IMATS. But the truth is I found very little worth getting excited about. Some new AMAZING brushes I will share with you all in a few days, but that was mainly it. Part of it was the fact that I had seen MOST of what was there in LA a few months previously, and part of it was the insanity of the crowds and line ups to get near ANY of the booths. 

But these lipsticks from Aboni cosmetics was one of the items that JUMPED out at me. The colours are simply amazing!

Then I swatched them all. And let me tell you. This is the way a liquid lipstick should be. Thin without being sheer, opaque but not sticky. And no drag whatsoever. I would like to tell you I picked a bunch up, but none of the colours were quite........ I don't want to say they aren't wearable, because many of them are, just not wearable on ME for my day to day life.

But that was not at all going to stop me from showing you the GORGEOUS swatches! Look at the pigment, and aside from where there is pooling at the end of the swatches, look how smooth and consistently they apply!

If coloured lipsticks, or even simply the bright pink ones are for you, I HIGHLY recommend checking out! And yes, I did check they ship outside of the United States!!

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