Monday, August 6, 2012

Twee & Honey Polish Swatches And Review

I was super excited to get a package in the mail from Twee & Honey. I was expecting the three larger polishes to be sent to me for review, but the others were a big surprise. I used to love watching Pinky & The Brain (ok, I admiit it. I still love it!!). And it was that love for the show that made me stop and notice this brand. So when I found out I was going to be able to review some of their polishes I was ecstatic. And better yet, I got sent my three wishlist polishes!!!!

I am unsure what the exact purpose of the felt pieces are for but I can only assume they are meant to be used to remove polish? Julep sent samples of new polish remover pads that used felt and it was AMAZING! I even kept reusing the same felt pad over and over until I could no longer justify using the dirty felt pad any longer!!

Magpie, Zero Zero One and The Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinky!

Magpie is described as "Chunky black & white hex and a flash of teal glitter in a clear base. For the inner magpie in all of us". I don't see it really as teal glitter. More like royal blue glitter, but its a nice subtle flash that just makes it different and more interesting than all the black white glitter top coats floating around nowadays. I feel like I am on a great roll with indies these days. Magpie is another fantastic formula. The suspension base is the perfect thickness to hold the glitter and it applies wonderfully.

Zero Zero One is a special polish. "twee & honey's very first Signature colorway, a holographic sparkle floating in a dark blue true jelly base. Like the ocean, cold & deep. The special verison is a Limited Edition update with added holo dust. Like the original but better, it has an extra layer of depth.

001 is designed to look it's best when applied in 3 thin coats but two medium coats look just as lovely. Or, layer one thin coat over a dark or complementary base color or 2 day old mani to freshen it up. I recommend sealing with a topcoat like Poshe or Seche Vite to enhance the layered effect."

This polish looks much darker in the bottle than it does on the nail. Its a dark sea blue (definitely not a navy) jelly with holographic and monochromatic glitter in it. Utterly gorgeous!!

And the polish that started the love affair. The Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinky! This colour is described as a "soft grey jelly with white, pink, & blue glitter and the occasional flashy, almost red hex". I hate pink. I have always been very clear on that. I have little else to say on the pink matter. I also FREAKING LOVE THIS POLISH!!!!! Everything about it! Reminds me very much of something I would expect to see from Nerd Lacquer. But this polish is just stunning. Its a very soft and girly colour without being TOO girly. I really love love love this!! On the nail it really doesn't appear as pink. But as a pinky, purpley, reddish glitter that kind of floats in and out of the grey jelly base.

And these three polishes were added in! I will be 100% honest. I took one look at all three of these adorable mini bottles and thought "EEK!! UGLY!!". I really really did not like any of these in the bottle. Then I swatched them. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. It happens a lot so I am very used to saying "OOPS!!!".

Pineapple Express is a colour I just assumed I would dislike as its bright yellow. I know how hard to deal with yellow polishes can be and I really do not love yellows. But this one is AMAZEBALLS!!!! It is smooth and easy to apply and is opaque and not streaky in two coats. The description on the website "vibrant but not-too-bright juicy yellow jelly. no streaks or chalkyness here! makes a great base for nail art espcially black full pattern Konad. and an excellent accent color for handpainted designs. will not wash out your complexion. this is the yellow for people that think they cannot wear yellow." This really is the polish for those who cant wear yellow!! They nailed it.

Its funny. This colour turns me off because its pink. But its really nice on. It is NOT a colour that I will most likely wear (as its still pink) but it is nice. And if the glitter in it looks familiar, its The Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinky! without the grey jelly base! Its just the glitter mix in a clear base. How cool is that? If you are looking to buy this, go to The Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinky! and then click on the special edition pinky top coat.

This one, Grape Jam looked like a purple tinged brown. It looked so muddy and dirty, more like melted chocolate with a purple sheen. I was NOT digging this polish at all. Then I swatched it. purpley, gooey, perfect goodness! I have NO idea why it looks so different in the bottle, but I dont care. I LOVE IT!! The website seems to call this Grape Preserves, but the bottle says Grape Jam so I am not sure what the official name of this one is. The title of the image on the homepage just says Grape. "Juicy, squishy grape jelly! looks just like the one in your fridge but this is for glitter sammiches, it will not make a healthy or tasty lunch m'kay.

Notice how it looks very different in the bottle and on the nail." NO KIDDING! Seems every judgement I have about her polish is already stated in the descriptions! HAHA!!

Two coats of each!

Twee & Honey polishes are available for sale HERE. 
I love all of them. The formulas are fantastic across the board, be it a jelly, a glitter top coat or an all encompassing polish! What colours are you lemming?? 
Teal Flakies and First World Purple are top of MY wishlist from them!!


  1. If the color is similar to Zoya's Pippa without then fuss than I am SOLD! I LOVE yellow!

    1. The only other yellow I have is the new NARS Amchoor. I am happy to compare those if it will help at all.

      But it really is an EASY yellow. Which my understanding was did not exist!!

    2. I will have to do some research on NARS Amchoor, never seen it so I wouldn't know how to compare it :( I just did a mini write up on the trials and tribulations of Zoya's Pippa on my blog yesterday..UGH Such a PITA. They look pretty similar in color though.

  2. Maybe I have overlooked it, BUT no link to their store????? Also, do you only review polishes on the plastic practice tips? I think there is such a difference between plastic and a natural nail. Not trying to be critical....just my opinion.

    1. The link to the store is at the bottom. It says in big bold letters to shop the store, click here here.

      I display the wheels on my blog. I do test the polish on my nail as well and if the final result is different in some way I either mention it or withhold reviewing it until I do a hand shot. But I really hate photos of my hand!!!

      These polishes apply just as smoothly to the nail as they do the wheel. And I use the wheels I do because they are tinted in just the right way so that I get a true colour effect!

      Hope that helps answer the questions!

  3. These are awesome!! :D



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