Friday, August 24, 2012

Sneak Peak: Starry Earth Candy Corn

I have a brand new polish to share with you all! It is part of the upcoming collection from Starry Earth. This is part of a 3 piece collection that will include:

  • Candy Corn - a glitter top coat with orange, yellow and white matte glitter with yellow and white micro glitter
  • Spooky Eyeball - a milky white base with matte red hex & shreds and black bars. It is also glow-in-the-dark.
  • Jack-o-Fright - a jelly-ish black base with micro black glitter, micro orange holo glitter and small matte orange hex.

I guess I really can't say anything more about this polish that is not in the description. This really is exactly as the description says. I will be showing you a couple  more glitters from Elizabeth but this is the best formula of the three glitters of hers I have. It is not too thick, not too thin, applies beautifully and is sheer enough that you really can decide just how opaque or not you want this to be.

This is two coats of Candy Corn. I really think that the little gold micro glitter just adds so much depth and interest to the polish. It really helps mesh and tie everything in this glitter together. I may hate candy corn (the candy) but really, it has never looked better than it does in this polish! I almost (but not quite) want to go eat some candy corn!

The Halloween collection will be on sale September 10th. To check out more polishes by Elizabeth check out the Starry Earth Etsy store HERE!!

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