Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bundle Monster Plates - 2012 Collection

So I was very lucky to get a set of Bundle Monster plates in the mail yesterday to review for the company. I have been asked by readers which plates I recommend and my answer has always been that I had never tried any of them (other than an essence stamping kit that was a nightmare!). So to get to try out the bundle monster set is FANTASTIC!!! Let me start by saying I am a stamping virgin. I have ZERO idea what I am really doing. So these are my experiences as a newbie!!

To start with they came to me packed very well in bubble wrap inside a bubble mailer. There was ZERO chance these were getting damaged along the way!!

Make sure to peel off the blue plastic on each plate! And be warned - they are REALLY REALLY on there!! It took some effort to get them off.

The back has a paper backing to make the edges less sharp. Do NOT peel this off!!

This is in no way a complaint at all, but I was SHOCKED at the size of the plates. I am not sure what I expected. But these are TINY!! The plates are really really small. They are more than big enough to do the job, and they take up almost NO room. So while it was a happy surprise. Here are pictures with a Julep bottle just to show you the size.

The other thing to note on the packaging is that there are ZERO instructions ANYWHERE on them. This might not be an issue to the more experienced stampers but it really was a disappointment for me. Now there are instructions on the website, so its not like they do not supply them at all, but if I had been given these as a gift from a friend they might just very well sit and not get used at all as I have no clue at all how to use them!

Taken from the Bundle Monster website:

**INSTRUCTIONS FOR NAIL STAMPING: 1. Apply polish on image plate design. 2. Using the scraper, scrape off the excessive nail polish. 3. Stamp the image in rolling motion. 4. Stamp design on nail smoothly. Done ! ***NOTE: Before use, peel off the tight, protective, blue plastic on top of each plate. All image designs featured in this set are authentically created and designed in-house by Bundle Monster EXCUSIVELY. Each design is protected by copyright laws.***

Now another thing to note if you are brand new to stamping is that the scraper and the stamp are NOT included in the set. So once more, if you are inexperienced I can see you reading the instructions, buying the set and then realizing when you got it, that you were unable to use it.

Thankfully, look what I was gifted last year:

Now I wish I had some idea if there was a quality difference between stamps and scrapers or if every stamp was created equal. I have no idea what the answers to those questions are. But I have something, so I am excited to make this work! Now in this box set (this is the 2012 collection) there are 25 stamps and the set retails for 21.99. Considering Konad plates are about 7 or 8.00 a piece, price wise these are completely non comparable.

Each plate comes with 6 designs making a total of 150 stamps you get. None of these images are repeats from previous sets so if you have other sets, these will still be ALL new designs. The plates are:

 Now I spent a few hours today playing with these plates and learned a few valuable lessons:

  • you need a THICK polish for these. If you use a very thin one the scraper will scrape it all out of the grooves and it wont work
  • you have to be careful to get the image right in the centre of the stamp so it matches up real well to the nail
  • do not try practicing on a nail wheel. It is NOT the same thing at all 
  • there IS a learning curve. I got much better at it on my 30th try than my first try, but I am still not quite there yet!
I will show you pictures of my results in a day or two, but I really have to master the art of stamping first. This is a judgement on ME, certainly not the product. I am however confident that in a day or two I will be showing off my new stamped nails! 

EDIT - The lovely Gina of soguesswhat11 YouTube Channel forwarded me her video tutorial of how to nail stamp! I must say I feel much more prepared now to reattempt this tomorrow!! I am going to link you to one of her videos but check them all out! Its such a great helpful channel.


  1. These look great! Have fun with stamping!

  2. Thanks for this post! I just ordered these! so excited to get them in the mail :)



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