Friday, August 17, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Hello New Sandals And Insanely Holographic Shiny Nails!

So I know Summer is on the way out, but I found these sandals and had to share the great deal I got with all of you! Who doesn't love yellow tag clearance at TJ Maxx/Winners? These Latitude Femme sandals retail for 240.00. They have some gorgeous pairs right now on Nordstrom's website.

I picked up this pair at Winners (TJ Maxx's Canadian sister store). They were 129.99 originally which was in itself a GREAT deal for these all leather, Italian made gorgeous shoes. BUT........ you all know I am WAY too cheap to pay that price for clothing and or shoes. These were on clearance for.... are you ready for it? TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!! Thats right, I got them for 90% off retail. Thrift store prices for brand new gorgeous shoes!  I highly recommend everyone checking out their local store for great deals on the summer clearance. Its going on now! They had some other great shoes on clearance that I will probably go back for next week but i am hoping for one more round of markdowns before I stock up on sandals. These ones I could not wait and take the chance on though!

And I just have to show you all my now three day old manicure! The Sephora Nail Patch Art in A11 Graphic Silver! They retail for 14.00 Canadian and I am really enjoying the insanity of the holo/sparkly/shiny look of them!


  1. such a great shoe find! & those nail strips are to die for!!! so gorgeous!



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