Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Julep Hoch - A Mystery Colour!!!

So I have had a few emails asking me if I knew what was up with this colour. Hoch is a mystery to me too!

The email that will come out on the 20th as of now shows this:

A bright gorgeous teal colour that is described as emerald green. That confused me as well as you! But when I looked into it, I found myself even MORE confused!!!

This was a special colour for Trina Turk's website. And on that website, it shows the image like this:

And on THAT website the colour is described as a SAGE GREEN!!! I was SOOO confused I called Julep for clarification. I wish I could now say I have the answer for all of you but I am still at a loss! Julep is looking into this for me and I will share the answer with all of you as soon as they let me know! Sorry  I couldn't solve it faster but its all I could do. I do thank you for emailing me to point it out to me though! 


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