Tuesday, August 14, 2012

F4 Polishes - The Black/Whites

I now present you with the black and white polishes from F4. These may just be my favourite. They work over every single colour and are just so much FUN! I do however feel like they ruin Lynnderella Connect The Dots a bit for me now though. These seem so much more interesting and different to me I do not think I will reach for the CTD when I can grab one of these. Thats not to say that its not a lovely polish, but once you see these in person....... Well, trust me. You NEED to see these F4 polishes in person!!

Holy Cow "is a clear base with round silver holographic glitter, small white square glitter and fine black glitter." This is my favourite from the black and whites. It is fantastic on its own at three coats and I love it over any and every bright colour I have tried it over thus far.

Chunky Cow "is a fine black glitter based polish with silver holographic glitters and small white matte hex glitters."

Mirror Ball "is a clear base with various shapes and sizes of silver and holographic silver glitters."

SPLAT! "is a clear base with various shapes and sizes of white and black matte glitters and silver holographic glitters." Another love!!

Black Tie Affair "is a clear base with silver holographic glitters and black and white slice glitters.". The holographic glitter really adds another dimension to the polish! I love it!!! I have also added (ok, kind of stolen, but I am telling you, so I hope that makes it ok!!) the photo from the etsy store showing it over other colours.

And here are three coats of each! I really like the look of Holy Cow and Chunky Cow on its own, though I would probably do four coats of the Chunky Cow!!


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