Saturday, August 4, 2012

SYN Cosmetics - All White Everything, Bitter Glitter And Im Glowing Home Swatches & Review

SYN Cosmetics sent me 3 gorgeous polishes for review. And they came in a BRIGHT PINK bubble wrap envelope. I have no idea why this amuses me so  much but I have never seen a bright pink bubble wrapper before! Any ways, back on track. The polishes. I have been reviewing A LOT of indie polish brands lately and I am realizing how important formula really is. If the suspension base is too thin, the glitter falls right through it making it a B*TCH to apply. If the suspension base is too thick its just a goopy mess. There seem to be a lot of great indie brands out there, and some real duds so I am actually enjoying sorting through them. If however you are not digging all these indie reviews please let me know! If you are loving them and want them to keep coming, let me know that as well!

These are the three polishes SYN sent me for review. From left to right, Im Glowing Home, All White Everything and Bitter Glitter.

Im Glowing Home is the most unique of all of them, as it glows in the dark and is apparently UV light reactive.

This is the stock photo from the website. It is the polish in both regular light and black light. From the website:
"In normal lighting it applies on nails with a clear background and 7 different shaped white and black glitters. (In bottle it may appear cloudy due to the glow ingredient, but will apply clear on nails)For the polish to glow in the dark you need to first "charge it" - (the best charge is in direct sunlight, there will be a test in the sun soon for longevity) - we did some testing to see the longevity of the glow and the results follow: Apply 3 coats of I'm Glowing Home and let dry then place your nails 5-6 inches underneath direct (lamp) lighting. The longer you leave under the light, the longer the glow will last. Leaving nails approximately 1 minute under direct lighting showed glow up to 15 minutes, slightly decreasing in glow around 10 minutes but you could still see glow up to 15 minutes. Leaving nails approximately 5 minutes under direct lighting glowed up to 30-35 minutes, decreasing in glow over time of coarse but still slightly visable up to 35 minutes. I'm glowing home is also UV blacklight responsive, so it will stay glowing at all times when around a black light"
This polish looks milky in person but I can assure you it does go on clear. And as described it is a clear base with different shaped white and black glitter. All three of these are the same formula wise. Thin, but somehow thick enough to suspend and grab the glitter making the polish apply flawlessly. It does glow in the dark, but I have no black light to test the black light reactive claim. That being said I have absolutely ZERO reason to question the statement. Maybe I need to go clubbing just to verify it. "The polish made me do it!!! Really!!"

All White Everything is descibed as a glitter top coat with 5 different shapes of white glitter. I really can not describe this any other way. It is loaded with bar glitter, round glitter, and hex glitter. As mentioned above the formula on all of these are the same. The suspension is fantastic, the glitter applies smoothly and the dry time is quite fast.

Bitter Glitter is again a glitter top coat. And once more the description is short and concise. "Lilac purple, baby blue & white bar matte glitter top coat". It is just that. With a fantastic formula and dry time.

This is one effortless coat of each. I am not sure I quite love the white bar glitter in Bitter Glitter. It seems a little uneven in look almost like it was hand cut if you know what I mean? I don't love the inconsistency of the thickness of the bar glitter in it. This is just a personal preference and not anything about the quality of the polish itself which is fantastic. 

I love all of these over the Bobbi Brown Turquoise, but do not love the black on black glitter. It reminds me of an old Lippmann colour that I passed on way back when.

All in all I LOVE two of these polishes, like bitter glitter and have a few more of this brand I now NEED! The quality is fantastic and the communication is great.

These polishes retail for 9.99 each, 10.99 for the UV Reactive ones (yes, they have more than one!!) and are available on the SYN Cosmetics website HERE

And guess what is going on this weekend with them??


  1. Really nice review. Not only is the polish great, she also has awesome makeup!

  2. We ordered from them. One eyeshadow was left off but checked off on the list. We tried to contact them about their error. They refuse to respond
    Disappointed with this company.



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