Saturday, August 4, 2012

Secret Flower & Snowflake Exchange Take THREE

As you all saw already, I got both my secret exchange gifts on the same day! Talk about a great mail day! So without further ado, here is my wonderful second package!

I absolutely love how bright colourful and geometric all the packaging is!!

And under all these packages was another layer!!

Cookie Crisp!!!!! My favourite cereal ever since I was a little kid. I remember my uncle always eating it and it being a staple item on EVERY American shopping trip we always took. Now a days, Cinnamon Chex, Apple Cinnamon Chex and Apple Jacks are all on that shopping list, but Cookie Crisp still remains number one. And I ran out of it two weeks ago!!! Its sadly almost all gone already!! What a great trip!!

These two items were on the top. The cream is already in my moms possession and the lipgloss is in my bag!

I always start with a purple package! And it was such an odd shape I had NO IDEA what it was!

OMG!! If you read my blog at all, you already know what the logo on this makeup bag means!!!! At this point I had to stop and calm down before opening the bag. I CAN NOT BELIEVE I OWN THIS SET!!

Inside is a lot of wrapping. I can not believe what I am about to hold in my hands!!

THE LE METIER DE BEAUTE set made special for The Obama Runway To Win Campaign!

MORE Purple wrap. Must mean awesomeness.

OMG!!! I have 23 (yes, 23, that was not a typo) of these polishes en route to me. And they all came about because I fell in love with this polish. My wonderful thoughtful secret flower was stalking me on facebook (not even related to the website this exchange is on) and found me obsessing over this colour and got it for me! She might not have known how many are en route to me but they are all mini bottles, and now I have a big bottle. Also means I get to giveaway a mini bottle on my blog!

Next up

The number one polish on my wish list for this exchange (why oh why is Le Metier De Beaute NOT sold in Canada??!!) was this little gem!

Le Metier De Beaute Wild Ginger!!

Sorry, but what is more appropriate than the dance of joy from Perfect Strangers?

Next up:

Nope, not the same polish! A completely different wishlist polish


And this lovely package.

Never heard of this brand of indies before but not only are they gorgeous but I am 99% sure my secret flower is the one who is the artist behind this line! If you are unsure HOW gorgeous these are, my mom hates green and said how pretty Undersea Garden is. They are THAT gorgeous!!

And everything all together:

A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO THE WONDERFUL AND AMAZING KRISTIN!!!! I love everything so much and am already having fun playing with the polish!!


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