Thursday, August 9, 2012

Northern Star Polish Thousand Swords & Undersea Garden

I would like to introduce you all to a brand that I personally had never heard of before. I organize a polish exchange and the person who had me just happens to be the amazing artist behind this brand. These polishes are something I honestly think I would have passed on if I had just been looking at them online. So I am BEYOND thrilled that the lovely K gave me these. Its something I would have never have gotten the chance to fall in love with otherwise!

Thousand Swords is "a glitter top coat with a mix of metallic and matte glitters in a clear base. The coveted iron throne is represented with the flash of gun metal hexes, black & silver holographic bars, matte squares, and silver hexes." Its funny. It really looks exactly the same in person as it does on the website, yet I was never drawn to it. And now that I have it, I cant stop staring at it!! I am not sure how to explain that but its true. Have you ever noticed that a lot of glitter top coats with "clear bases" have a slightly milky quality to the clear base coat? So it does ever so slightly adjust the colour of the base coat? This polish really is a true clear base. And the combo of the black and silver with matte and holo and shiny is just really amazing. I love this over everything I have tried it with so far!

Undersea Garden is a polish that "consists of a clear base with lots of glitter - dark green, gold, sea green, holo, brown (includes bar glitter)." Once more it is a very true clear base and the descriptions and photos on etsy are SPOT ON. I was not really expecting to like this very  much. Its pretty in the bottle but not really ME. Then I tried it on. OMG!! I seriously fell in love right then and there. I LOVE IT!!! Who woulda thunk?

Undersea Garden by itself (one coat) and one coat over Dior Golden Era.

Thousand Swords. One coat on its own, and then one coat over pa A105.

Dry time on these was fantastic and I had no problems with curling or hard to use glitter. It is a great suspension base and applies flawlessly. You can purchase Northern Star polishes HERE though I know she is currently sold out. I am not sure when she will be restocking the store but I would keep an eye out!

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