Monday, August 13, 2012

F4 Polishes - The Purples

So today I have for you the purples I ordered from F4 Polish. I also got Piper which is the polish that I first fell in love with that led to me to this 23 polish haul! I will be shortly holding a giveaway for the bottle of that since as you all know I got it recently in a gift! All these swatches are shown with one coat over black, one coat on its own, one coat over purple and then swatches of it with three coats on its own.

Space Mountain "is a clear based polish with black, white, purple and blue matte glitters and silver holographic glitters.". I like that while the glitters are larger it is still a very dense glitter that goes on super easy. There is no fishing out of even the larger glitters and it applies rather densely. One of my favourites.

Blueberry Surprise is described as "is a purple glitter base with large matte blue hex glitters, medium blue and purple shiny glitters, small purple and blue hex glitters and small matte blue glitters." I really love this one most over the bright julep purple colour! The base in this one is basically clear though there is so much fine purple glitter it tends to give the look of a purple tinge to the base!

Mermaids Tail is described as "is a clear base with holographic pink and blue glitters and purple and teal satin matte glitters." I was worried this one might lean a little to pink for me, but I really dont see it as being a pink at all. The combo of the blue, purple and pink really  make the pink lean light purple and its just fabulous.

Snow Cap Mountain "is a clear base with silver holographic glitters, fine small matte pink glitters, small blue matte hex glitters and white matte hex glitters.". I really really like this one. It is completely unique in my collection not only in colour but in feel also. Its more girly and delicate than i would normally ever go for but I actually really dig it!

Purple Skies "is a purple holographic base with white hex glitter and black hex glitter.". While I do not dislike this one, I really dont love this one. There is nothing wrong with it. I just find it kind of boring compared to all the other polishes in this line. This one seems more the glitter bomb and less a complex..... Oh I dont know how to finish that sentence. Its not bad. Just not my favourite.

Stormy Night "is a clear based polish with mixed matte glitters in purple, black, white and blue in various shapes. This polish looks great as a top coat over many colors.". This one is possibly my favourite one look wise of them all. Its fantastic and fun and........ a pain in the you know what to apply. Its not so much impossible to apply, but I really did find it frustrating. This one I found that I would brush the polish on and it would drag the colours along. So you have to kind of dab the polish on and adjust where the glitter goes if you know what I mean? For some reason when you brush it on the purple and blues all ended up at the edge of the nail. They didn't really come OFF the brush. So you end up with all the glitter clumped together. I had to go back and use the tip of the brush to readjust where everything landed. That being said, I think its TOTALLY worth the hassle as I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

                  F4 Polish can be purchased HERE!


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