Monday, August 27, 2012

Andy Warhol for Nars Nail Polish Preview

Part of the new Andy Warhol collection is five nail polishes. Back Room (black), New York Dolls (purple), Superstar (teal), 15 Minutes (yellow) and TV Party (vivid orange). They retail for 18.00 each and were SUPPOSED to be part of the main collection available everywhere but Scrangie just posted Sephora exclusive. So I am confused. As of now I am going to go with the info from my NARS counter and most of the other blogs I have seen that state its not part of the Sephora exclusive set. 

This collection also has a gift set called the Photo Booth Gift Set. It contains for mini polishes; Silver Factory (metallic silver), Chelsea Girls (flesh toned beige, Soup Can (red) and Back Room (black). This set retails for 35.00. I wonder how similar Silver Factory is the to the silver from Fashion Night Out last year? Hmm...

There will also be two polishes found in sets. The first is a bright pink in a set called the Beautiful Darling Gift Set. It comes in a silver deluxe cosmetics bag and contains Candy Darling Nail Polish (electric pink), Femme Fatale Duo Eyeshadow (sheer white shimmer and mint green), Woman In Revolt Larger Than Life Lip Gloss (bright pink). The set retails for 49.00.

The other polish is a black violet polish and is part of the set called Walk On The Wild Side Gift Set. This set  will retail for 39.00 and be available at Sephora! It includes: Silver Factory Illuminator (metallic silver), It Nail Polish (black violet) and Orgasm Larger Than Life Lip Gloss (peachy pink with intense gold shimmer. I am pretty sure we all know what orgasm looks like by now!)


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