Saturday, August 18, 2012

Julep Suede Polishes and Swatches

So far all of you Julep Mavens out there we are currently playing a waiting game. We KNOW that these suede polishes are out on, we KNOW they will be the monthly maven boxes........ sometime. We were hoping they would be this months, but its the Trina Turk polishes this month. So now we are hoping they will be next month. One thing I know, I WANT THEM ALL!!! I friggen LOVE suede finish polishes. In the collection is:

Suede Matte Top Coat - A top coat that creates a matte effect when applied to any nail color. Now this is called a SUEDE Matte top coat, but says it creates a matte effect. There is a difference between suede and matte. So I am not quite sure which this is. 

Amber - bronze suede finish:

Brit - graphite silver suede finish:

Nora - silvery aubergine suede finish:

Hailee - khaki green suede finish:

Minka - coppery red suede finish:

And here is the action shot of them (Julep posted this a month ago). Which ones are YOU lemming? Are you a suede fan (like me) and dying to get your paws on these, or are you not the biggest suede fan? 


  1. I need them all! Lemming the whole set... maybe minus the top coat. I will have to see how it plays with the other Julep polishes.

  2. Did you end up getting them? I was very disappointed because they started chipping the same day.



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