Wednesday, August 15, 2012

September Julep Maven Boxes - UPDATED OPTIONS!

So I happened to get the info for the upcoming boxes. I was sad to see it was not the suedes that I thought it was going to be. And I do NOT like the It Girl Box for the first time in forever. But I LOVE a lot of the colours. I need Hoch, Annie, and both colours in the Boho Glam Box! It also seems to be the only box that offers the mascara in brown. A nice happy coincidence since I am so fair that black mascara doesn't work on me! Guess I am getting Boho Glam this month!!

American Beauty

Boho Glam


Classic With A Twist

It Girl

Now, as seems to be the norm now, you can add on other products at a discounted rate. The mascara however is 9.99 instead of 4.99 and like last month, you now have three add on options instead of 2!

BUT!!!!!!!!! If you really cant decide and want more than 3 add ons you have another option! For only 30.00 more you can get the entire collection! At 49.99 this would make each piece cost about 4.15.

What are you guys doing this month? I only want the two greens and two blues. Though I might regret not getting the almost black! Seems like it might have some great potential as undies for a lot of indie polishes! 

UPDATE - it seems you can still win a golden box, but it's a different one from the usual "whole collection"; it looks like it'll be 5 polishes and a "bonus surprise".


  1. Yes, the secret is out! I'm glad you have picked out your box already! What is your favorite color for September?

    Julep Maven Team

    Check out the Julep blog:

    1. OMG! Really? I have to choose ONE??? Annie? Gunta? Maybe Hoch will? I love teal blue and turquoises. Can I have a three way tie for fav?

  2. Three way ties are fine! I am also a fan of Hoch... I love turquoise as well. I'm glad that you are going to enjoy your September box.

    Julep Maven Team



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