Sunday, August 5, 2012

F4 Piper Swatches

I am so excited to share this polish with you guys! This was one of the polishes sent to me by one of my lovely secret snowflakes. This polish I had mentioned on facebook that I had fallen in love with. Now when i say I fell in love with this, I mean I really fell hard for this and then for the entire brand. I may possibly have 23 of the lovely polishes from this brand currently en route to my house as we speak. That also means that I will be giving away the bottle of this that is en route! I would  never give away the bottle so thoughtfully purchased for me by the lovely K. So without further ado.............. PIPER!!!!!!

Piper is described as a clear base with various sizes and shapes of purple and white matte glitters.The purple glitter is in two shades. The tiny round glitter is a dark purple and larger than that but smaller than the white hex glitter is a pale purple hex! I just love this polish. Everything about it. I love purple and thought this looked so pretty and spring like. I was almost afraid I would be let down when I got this in person as I loved it online so much! I am so happy that that was not the case!!!

This is one coat of the polish on its own. It was very easy to apply and there was no struggle to get out ANY of the glitter. With all the different sizes I find sometimes one of the forms of glitter is weighted a little different and tends to be hard to grab. this one was just a matter of taking the brush out of the bottle and a quick slap down on the nail. A great formula!

Here is one coat over Bobbi Brown Turquoise. I am actually really digging this combo!!!

And here is one coat over Bobbi Brown Turquoise, once coat on its own, and two coats on its own. I think You could probably get this opaque in 3 or 4 coats. And I actually really like the look of it on its own as well. It does get kind of bumpy and unsmooth with multiple coats but a good top coat should smooth it out!

Click here to see their store! 
The service is fantastic and they have always replied to me within a day!

And just to tease you a little, here are some of the many lovely polishes I have en route from this amazing brand to share with all of you! So stay tuned! Or if you are as impatient as me, just go buy one of everything from the site! (I basically did!!)


  1. How awesome is F4?!
    I love Piper but I couldn't seriously pick only 1 I love - those girls know what's up!

    1. I KNOW!! Why on earth is there NOT more talk about them in the polish world?!!! They really may be the next nerd lacquer in my opinion!!!



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