Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish In Turquoise Swatches

So for those of you who did not hear, Bobbi Brown is doing nail polish. It is not her first foray into the polish world, but I can not remember the last time that she did! She has two colours out right now. The first is a Purple called Twilight Shimmer (a black chocolate plum) and the second colour is Turquoise (a flat vibrant turquoise). I know this is going to be shocking to hear but I passed on the purple. I am not sure if it was the Dior Shadow that was purchased minutes earlier or if it was just a little to vampy or dark for my liking. Turquoise on the other hand was just screaming my name.

This polish is gorgeous and stunning but a little on the annoying side to apply. The first coat is very streaky and shear. The second coat is a streaky mess though the colour becomes the right shade and opacity. The third coat was absolutely perfect mind you. The drying time was quite decent on it and it really is decent. I just do not appreciate the necessity for three coats. Everything else about it is perfect!!!

In Canada the only place I know of to get this is Holt Renfrew but it is available on the Bobbi Brown website and probably most makeup counters that carry Bobbi Brown.


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