Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Storage Solutions - Melmers For Pennies On The Dollar!!

So if you have been debating buying a Melmer, or if you are unsure what to use for storage for your quickly growing stash, stop, drop, and run out the door to Michaels and buy your polish storage unit NOW!!!

Remember my post on my finally getting a Melmer (FOUND HERE)?

Well, there is NO TIME like RIGHT NOW to go get them! Michaels has some ridiculous promotions on right now.

Yes, that is right, buy one get one for a penny. But if that is not a good enough deal, check this out:

40% off any one regular price item. And the first one you are buying of these is regular price. You may not be supposed to use both of these together but people are! I know of two people who were told they couldn't but both of them spoke to a manger who honored it.

These prices end Friday night, so GO!!!!!!! GO NOW!!!!


  1. I picked up two the other day and after tax it cost me under 30 for both of them. cant beet the price

  2. UNFAIR! The closest Michaels to me is Edmonton. :(



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