Saturday, August 18, 2012

Daring Digits Blueberry Surprise & Why So Serious Swatches and Review

So I owe you all a big apology. I was sent these two gorgeous polishes to review and share with all of you readers weeks ago (I think I got them three and a half weeks ago now!). The ONLY thing even slightly negative I can say about the polishes is that they come in different shaped bottles and the obsessive compulsive nature of my polish obsession just does not deal well with that. Aside from that little thing that has zero impact on the polish at all (and the bottles are now really gorgeous, revamped and matching) I have nothing but a giant rave for this brand! I am on such a role with great indie brands! I don't know if that means the indie brands are stepping it up, or if I am just lucking out on trying the good ones! But either way, I am a happy polish lover tonight!

Why So Serious? is described as a "Dark metallic Purple polish loaded with green glitter. A great tribute to all who have played the Joker.". This is a dark metallic royal purple with emerald green glitter. It is a lovely combination and the green glitter really stands out with being too loud or crazy. I really love it. It was opaque in two coats and needed no undies underneath!! What more can you really ask for in a polish?

Blueberry Surprise is described as a "great blue and white polish! It has small blue squares and tiny white hexes. Great topper!" This was a really a really fun polish. Tiny royal blue metallic or shiny squares and small matte white round glitter. Really made this a very fun polish. Two coats on its own, and then one coat over a julep blue polish. I loved this so much! It was easy and fun to work with and the combo of matte glitter and shiny glitter was a nice touch!

Daring Digits polishes retail for 7.75 each for a full sized bottle and each mini (and by mini, its NINE MLS!!! That's almost a full sized polish!!!) is only 4.25!

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