Friday, August 3, 2012

Secret Flower & Snowflake Exchange Take TWO

So it seems that my last post about the Snowflake and Flower Exchange confused some. In the exchange I organize you have the choice of playing once (give one gift and receive one gift) or play twice and send and receive two. Someone happened to be unhappy with who they got and refused to send to such a person. This was almost two weeks after the names had gone out. I tried time and again to explain that it is totally random and you get who you get. It was far too late to swap names out when people had been shopping for so long already so I ended up having to give an extra gift so that no one was without. That is why I got three gifts. 

This is what the postman brought me today!! BOTH my remaining gifts!! I was SOOOO excited. I will post one of the reveals today, and post the other one tomorrow. I am so beyond ecstatic with both of them. They were so thoughtful and I was so touched with how much time and energy they must have put into picking out both my gifts.

I tore into the first box with so much excitement!

Look at all the pretty packages!!

I opened one of the purple ones first. We have Anna Sui here but they do not come in a box at all. They are these rose shaped bottles and they stink like roses when dry. I am super excited to try one of these! They dont seem to have a rose scent at all!

Like the ones we get here, they have no names just numbers. This is a pretty blue glitter and look how cute the bottle is!

I have never seen these polishes before in real life. The Gore Princess  has at times posted these on her blog but they are the only time I have ever seen them! Now I have two of my own! And a blue and a purple, my favourite colours!! Thrilled!!!

This is where the screaming and jumping started. Ok, I was not actually jumping. I would have been doing a little happy dance if I was not as sore as I am, but OMG!!!!!!! Its been 24 hours and I am STILL freaking out! Of the two polishes in this Asian only release this is the one I would have said I MOST wanted if asked. I had long since given up hope of actually getting this one or Icy Dew and just assumed they would forever sit on my wishlist! This polish is SOOOO much more gorgeous in person than I even imagined!!

I actually have this nail art magnet already but I am thrilled to have a back up! Especially since I have been unable to find mine for the last few weeks!!

This is 02 Hex, Hex!

05 Pixie Dust

04 Mystic Wish

Models Own Black Emerald!! It is the only one from the original BeetleJuice Collection that I am missing. My BeetleJuice family is now complete. I feel like I should have a house warming or something. I will instead just choose to take a gazillion photos of this beauty!!

03 Magic Wand

01 Miracle Shine

Enjoy these polishes? I FREAKING LOVE THESE POLISHES!!! They are absolutely gorgeous and perfect and I love every single one!!!

Now I was pretty sure that I had two of these magnetic polishes already from this set of 5 but was also pretty sure I had never seen these bottles before!

01 Miracle Shine! As you can see they are different!! The new one is more of a pure silver and the original one from when the collection came out is slightly more pink toned! So it really isn't even a dupe!! How great is that?

And again. My old 05 Pixie Dust is on the left and it is much yellower than the new one!

And my happy little Essence Magnetic Collection! Now I just need to get the other metallics magnetics and I will be all set!!


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