Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nail'It Unique Polish In Mermaid Tears

I was thrilled when I got this sent to me in the mail to review. I have to say that it was not what I was expecting based on the photo from her etsy site. This is really not a bad or a good thing, but something I think important to mention. The photo shown below is the image that is displayed on the sale site. In real life I think the silver flecks are teal and the teal ones are silver. Its pretty, but not at all what I expected colour wise. 

The website describes this colour as a loaded glitter nail polish with purples/magenta, turquoise/teal, white, blacks, coral, and rose glitters in a variety of sizes and shapes. I see mainly a silvery purple glitter with the magenta, turquoise/teal (though its very pale, more like aqua) with a tad of black bar glitter an dsome coral and magenta. 

Shown below is one coat on its own, and one coat over black. Its formula I must say is fantastic. The biggest issue I find with glitters in clear suspension is its very easy to have a suspension base that is not heavy enough to support the glitter. This causes the glitter to slide right off the base and makes application a very frustrating thing. This is not an issue with this polish! This is ONE thick coat of the polish. You could do a thinner sparser coat if you want, or you could do it this heavy. But its not an issue to get the glitter out. Dry time is great on this, the only issue is that it is a little rough. I would highly suggest a top coat to smooth it out!

The brand name I found a bit confusing. I am assuming the name on the label is just a typo and it is Nail'It and not Nall"It it. But the esty shop address is I really do like the quality of this polish though and will likely order some in the future.


  1. Perhaps the inconsistency of the glitters in the shop photo and in reality could be due to bleeding glitter?

  2. The glitters dont bleed in it. The silvery glitters are a lavender color a few of the glitters have some shimmer and can give different effects in different lighting. I took my picture outdoors. I think that its often a difference in computer screens and lighting, more than anything. Thanks for doing the review, it looks fabulous over black!!ps... I think the color is probably more aqua... or maybe I could describe it as pale turquoise. lol



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