Sunday, August 12, 2012

F4 Polishes - The Blues!

So I am continuing on the love affair with F4 polishes. For those of you keeping track this will make 12 including the full size Piper I swatched earlier. So that means there are still 11 more to show you after this post. All of them are once again fantastic though my bottle of black ice seems very different for me than the description and swatches suggest. The truth is I think I like what I have better than if I had gotten what I was expecting, but its something to be noted!

Iceburg "is a holographic blue jelly base with small and large blue hex glitters and matte glitters and small lavender purple hex glitters.". I really love the combo of the glitter in this one. And the blue jelly base is so subtle that it just barely stains the white polish. I friggen love this combo of it over the white!!!

I am 99% sure that this one is Glamorous and just mislabeled. Glamorous is described as "is a clear glitter base with blue and pink holo glitters, small blue matte glitters and blue hex glitters". I will update this if I am incorrect, but I am pretty sure. In the purples post you see tomorrow you will see the one that I am pretty sure IS Mermaids Tail! The base is clear but the blue reflects so much on the nail it kind of looks like it has a light blue tint. I love it most over black!

Described as "is a black cream based polish with blue holographic glitter." thisis the first one that I really have to disagree with the description. It is NOT a cream base. Its a very light black jelly base. The base is certainly sheer and as you can see, almost looks navy when layered over white. I still love it, but not at all what the description says in my personal opinion.

I almost have to wonder if the formula was reworked, as this looks nothing like the swatches on the website.

Blue Galaxy is described as "a blue jelly base with blue, purple and green matte and satin matte glitters.". I love the combo of the blue and the green and the purple. This blue jelly base is much more saturated than the one in Iceburg. Really nice! One coat on its own, over black and then over white.

Party in the USA "is a holographic blue fine glitter base with medium white diamond matte glitters and small red square glitters". As you can figure out by now, one coat on its own, one coat over black and one coat over white. I really must say that this might be the PERFECT fourth of july manicure. But it doesnt look so holiday or theme-ey that you couldn't rock it any time of the year!

And here are three coats of each. From left to right, Iceburg, Mermaids Tail, Black Ice, Blue Galaxy and Party In The USA.


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