Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quo for Orly Holiday Mini Set & Full Polish Set Rundowns

So I actually left my house today!!!!!!!!!! I had to stop by Shoppers Drug Mart to pick something up today and look what I spied? Sorry the picture is so awful but you are not allowed to take photographs in the store and my blackberry was therefor the only thing I had.

This set contains 18 miniature polishes and has a price tag of 39.00. At less than 2.00 a polish, it seems reasonable except I already own night sky, turquoise moonlight and celestial star and would never wear love game, or true love. But Filthy Rich, First Class and Mystic Night are all on my wishlist and that's 75% of the price tag right there. Now these polishes are a third the size, but for 10.00 more I can get an extra dozen colours, at least 5 of which I really really really like and are not available on thier own......... Sigh....... Decisions, decisions!

Now, in the mini set comes the following colours (if ** precedes it then it is not part of the regular lineup): Top row of set contains: Very Vixen, Mystic Night, **Garnet, **Precious, **Saphire Sparkle, **Cold Stone, **Rock Show & Night Sky. The bottom row contains: Turquoise Moonlight, Celestial Star, First Class, Filthy Rich, Red Hot, Wine and Dine, Old Hollywood, Love Game & True Love

The entire range of the polish line consists of:

Twinkle Twinkle, Lilac Lust, Sweet Pink, Soft Spot, Just Married, Cotton Candy, Purple Daydream

Red Hot, Poppy, Cream Pop, Love Game, True Love, Wine and Dine, Rosy Cheeks, Old Hollywood
Turquoise Moonlight, Blue Skies, Blue Lagoon, Green Meadow, Celestial Star, Night Sky, Mystic Night

Queen Bling, Filthy Rich, First Class, Chestnuts Roasting, Violaceous, Coffee & Cream, Very Vixen, French White


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