Monday, October 10, 2011

Julep Brooklyn & Gayle Swatches - Holiday 2011

Julep has just previewed their new polishes for holiday 2011 and let me tell you, for the most part, I LOVE!!! The new colours include; Sienna, Chloe, Gayle, Brooklyn and Leighton. Sienna is NOT new however and is a re-promote.

Brooklyn is described as ruby red wtih a hint of festive sparkles.

Gayle is described as a regal deep aubergine. Sophisticated yet playful.

Sienna, a re-promote available on the website until very recently is described as sophisticated, shimmery gold. The go to glam.

The other two colours I will own the minute they are up on the website and are:
Chloe described as a charcoal base with a holiday sparkle in a vibrant magenta, and Leighton which is described as a pure liquid silver will have you shine at any holiday party

 I was quite surprised when I swatched Brooklyn as it dries so drastically differently from what I thought. This is not a complaint. Just a very big surprise on my end. It dries very matte and very gritty. I really have no words to describe how it looks swatched on the nail. So I will let the photo do the talking.

See how gritty it looks when held up to the light? Its unlike anything I have ever had, but I cant decide if its a love or a dislike. I'm on the fence.  The formula however is what I have come to expect from Julep. Smooth, easy to apply, opaque in one coat. 

Gayle is a gorgeous creme purple that I LOVE!!! And from personal experience I can say the colour is named after one of the most amazing people in the entire universe. And I love that I can say I know her. And the fact that the colour chosen to represent her is my favorite colour in the world just makes it better. And once more, this is one coat. As you can see when its held up to the light, I could probably use a second, but on the nail, one coat is sufficient for even coverage. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

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  1. I put a thick coat of Seche Vite topcoat over Brooklyn, it smoothed it out like glass and the sparkles came back. I was weirded out by how it dried too.



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