Saturday, October 15, 2011

New!! Tom Ford Introduces a Nail Polish Line

As anyone who knows of Tom Ford is aware, his products don't come cheap! I have never tried ANY of his products. I have not even looked  too closely. I would rather live in blissful ignorance of his line and collections. If I don't see it, I cant love it or obsess about it. And without that, I don't buy. Its a very simple equation. But then I heard that there was a polish line out. All restraint and avoidance techniques went out the window as I RAN to the Neiman Marcus website to look. I must say, I was underwhelmed.

Bitter Bitch
Carnal Red
Bordeaux Lust
Smoke Red
Scarlet Chinois
Coral Flame
Ginger Fire

Plum Noir

African Violet

Fever Pink

Indian Pink

Pink Crush

Mink Brulee

Toasted Sugar

I have NO DOUBT that they are probably an EXCELLENT and AMAZING formula. They probably wear like a dream. And to be honest, 30.00 a polish is really less than I would have guessed they would retail for. But I couldn't help yawn when I saw the colour offerings. Bitter Bitch, African Violet and Ginger Fire are all colours I like and are curious about but I certainly wont be purchasing before the holiday season is well behind us! What about you? Are any of these calling YOUR name?

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