Friday, October 21, 2011

Julep Amy & Butter London Artful Dodger Swatches & Comparisons

The closest comparison I could come up with to Julep Amy in my stash Was Butter London Artful Dodger. Julep Amy was part of the Spring 2011 collection and is described as a smoky turquoise. Artful Dodger is a smidgen lighter (maybe a shade) with a slight hint of green in it, but are very similar. If you already have Artful Dodger you could easily skip Amy. If however you do NOT have both, I would go for the Julep one. It is opaque in one coat where as the Butter London takes 2 and to be honest, Julep polishes are just a dream to work with!


  1. I wanted Artful Dodger but haven't got round to getting it yet. I don't think the Juleps are worth the price tag though. They're SO small even at twice as many coats I feel better about spending money on a larger bottle!

  2. Well if you have not tried julep yet, i have to say, go to my post become a julep maven for 5,00.

    you have zero obligation to stay a member, so it will cost you five dollars for two polishes and a 32.00 glycolic scrub. OR become a member and in the notes say NOVEMBER POLISH LOVERS BOX NOT INTRO box and you will get THREE julep polishes for 5.00. again, there is ZERO commitment, AND if you click through that link and post that you did, you have a chance to win any two julep colours of your choice.

    and julep polishes are one coat opaque in general and a dream to apply! I highly suggest the 5 dollar maven box!



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