Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Maven Box - American Beauty

So the mailman dropped off a slightly battered box to me the other day. Slightly battered, but still ok!

Upon opening it is a little card that says whats in the box. I did however speak to them and they let me make a one time exchange of Dendrie for Gayle (I have a personal reason for wanting Gayle, and I had just ordered Dendrie a week ago).

I am always surprised at how much detail they put into the boxes. Always comes in a shopping bag with a bow tied around it. You will once again notice that I get the card explaining to me all the benefits of the maven program I DON'T GET! Still kinda annoyed that they continue to stick this card in it, with no word that I dont get those benefits. But anyways, it was once I opened the box that I was floored.

Now to be truly honest, I saw they sent me Gayle AND Dendrie and I was nothing more than annoyed. They screwed up again and I had to call to correct them. So I did call to see how to send back the extra polish that I didn't pay for. As it turns out, they intentionally added Gayle as an extra when I had explained to them why I wanted the trade so much. There was no mistake. I had failed to give them the benefit of the doubt, and they floored me. So my mom now has her own bottle of Dendrie (a beautiful dove grey) and  I have my beloved Gayle!

SO THANK YOU JULEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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