Sunday, October 23, 2011

Butter London All Hale The Queen (McQueen) & Julep Whitney Swatches & Comparisons.

When I first opened up my Julep order that contained Whitney all I could think was it was a crème version of Butter London's All Hale McQueen (The Queen, depending on when you purchased it). It looked to me to be the same colour without the shimmer.

Now as you can see in the swatches below I was very very wrong. The Julep one is much more purple/grey tinged than the All Hale the Queen as well as lacking all the shimmer!!! They are two completely unique and beautiful colours and I certainly think you  need both. The swatches below are one coat of the Julep, and two coats of the Butter London.


  1. Both are so pretty. I love wearing colours like these to work

  2. Thanks for reminding me that I should wear All Hail McQueen tomorrow! ;)



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