Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Holiday Wishlist!

I certainly hope to very soon be able to put check marks through each and every image, but for now, I am making headway! My only worries are the Butter London (not available here in Canada) and the Gosh as I have yet to get confirmation they will be available here in Canada.

What's on YOUR holiday wishlist?


  1. Butter London is in Canada at Holt Renfrew and they have a Canadian website: My apologies to your wallet. ;-)

  2. I know, but unless you see or heard something I didnt, the holiday collection isn't available here! And I dont see them on the website!

  3. That's so not fair! I checked the US website and the BL is there and it's definitely not on the .ca site. I don't understand why some aren't available in Canada. So glad you called Nordies about the YSL ones.

  4. Nordies wont ship to me. I had a lovely lady email me to ask me if I wanted her to order them on my behalf. RIGHT BEFORE I COULD MESSAGE HER!! YAHOO!



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