Friday, October 28, 2011

Dior 981 Black Plum & Julep Keira Swatches & Comparisons

Black Plum is a gorgeous colour from Dior that has been long discontinued and quite a pain in the u-know-what to locate. Ebay is often an answer though it can be a very EXPENSIVE answer. So the solution? Well when I saw Keira for the first time, I remember opening the Julep box, seeing it, and thinking "OMG!!! Dior Black Plum!!". Now as you all know from reading my blog, I am often quite wrong in actual reality so I ran to go get the bottle and do the actual comparison.

In the bottle Julep looks quite a bit redder and less of the purple when actually placed side by side. When swatched, well, yes. They are still very different. So once more, similar but certainly very different.

In normal light they look very very similar, but in hte sunlight as you can see, Dior Black Plum is much more purple and probably a good 3 shades darker. Julep Keira is more of a true berry, a purpled out burgandy, where as Dior is a darkened, berried plum. Both colours are gorgeous, just very different!


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