Monday, October 31, 2011

Gosh Nail Lacquer Collection Box Set

I had to stop by the Shoppers Drug Mart today (the ONLY place I get to these days), and OH MY GOSH!!! Look what I found!!! Sorry, I just had to go there. It was to obvious a pun to ignore!!

Now normally I know long ahead of time what collections are on the horizons, what to look out for, and what Gosh products I NEED to find. But I had heard NOTHING about this box set. Google has produced nothing even today when I brought it home!

The colours look similar to ones I already have (the first one looks like miss grey, the second one looks like miss mole, the last one like blue monday) but they are all new colours as far as I can see by their names. The colours are (from left to right) 017 ashy grey, 018 brown grey, 002 classic red, 023 light rose and 014 deep sea blue.

Now the bottles are a completely different shape and size than the normal bottles. A normal Gosh polish is 8ml and simply say GOSH on the bottle. These are 5ml and say OH MY GOSH on them. Now considering a normal bottle is 7.00 here, this set at 16.00 for 25ml (more than 3 normal bottles worth of polish) is a steal of a price!!! If you can find this set, I say go get it!

I will get comparison photos up of the colours later, but I just wanted to show you the set! At this price, I really don't think they will last very long! 


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