Saturday, October 15, 2011

KOH Balance Collection (Winter 2011)

I see very little about KOH polish collections, and thought I would share with you their new collection for Winter 2011.

The colours from left to right are breathe deeply, rest fully, play daily, laugh limitless, love passionately and eat purely.

I have taken the description of the collection from the KOH website and translated into english for those of you like me who speak no Dutch. THANK YOU GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!

KOH introduces six new nail polishes this year, tailored to important sources of inspiration for 'fashion' this fall;
Times have changed making it a daily struggle with all facets of life. To get the best out of it, is to find balance required. In Japanese, "Baransu 'balance, this is accomplished by making small changes and begins with personal care. The key to a balanced life, breathe, rest, love, play, laugh and eat. Be in touch with yourself and allow yourself the balance with the beautiful colors of KOH limited winter!
I can thankfully say NONE of these polishes are jumping out at me! Little disappointing for me that none of them excite me, but since every other polish this holiday season has at least one or two MUST HAVE colours for me, this is a welcomed relief.  Which polishes are exciting YOU from this collection?


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