Monday, October 31, 2011

MAC Unconditionally Fabulous Nail Lacquer - Swatches and Comparisons!

So let me start off by saying I don't have a good track record with MAC polishes. I have purchased Soiree, Style Clan and Very Important Platinum and was so unhappy with the formula, I returned all but Soiree (was better than the other two). I see reviews all the time, and they seem to always be so hit or miss. I can NOT deal with inconsistency in a brand. If I am spending 19.00 on a polish (yes, that is the price in Canada! More than YOU pay for a Lippmann polish) I want to KNOW that it will be good quality. But I saw this and had to ask a friend to pick it up for me. She picked up for herself all three from the collection and I am still debating asking her to go get me Festive Finery but I am holding strong so far!!!!!!

Now I had just gotten Julep Vanessa and immediately wanted to compair the two, but then while sorting my moms collection saw this OPI Servin Up Sparkle and decided to add that to the mix.

MAC Unconditionally Fabulous, Julep Vanessa, OPI Servin Up Sparkle. 
Now these are all one coat. I was actually very impressed with how easy MAC Unconditionally Fabulous was to spread. This was one coat, and I didn't have to stress or worry about placing the glitter (as we quite often have to do with other glitters like Lippmanns). Now both Julep and MAC were easy to apply, though the Julep one is much heavier. Almost TOO thick in my opinion. It felt kinda goopy. But both were easy to apply so can't really complain. Julep is fine glitter though where as the Mac is teeny tiny chunks of glitter. The OPI one is a hybrid of the two. Its less dense, less evenly distributed fine glitter with slightly larger than MACS chunks floating in it. These WERE heavier than the base and needed to be carefully placed on the nail, if you know what I mean? Like as you brush the polish on, the big pieces want to all come with you. You have to kind of adjust? Hope I am making sense!

Anyways, I am not a fan of the OPI one. Too much work, too much effort, and I really hate the wear of OPI (at least on me). When it comes to MAC versus Julep, which look do you like better? Thats really the only debate. They both were one coat, though I am sure you could build up to a more opaque (especially on the MAC one). Personally? I like both.


  1. Maybe the China Glaze Snow Globe is a dupe??

  2. I agree, it looks exactly the same as China Glaze Snow Globe :)

    Still very pretty!

  3. Thank you both for reading! I don't wear drugstore or salon brands in general so I unfortunately don't have it to compare!

    It's not that there is anything wrong with salon brands. Its just that in 2 years I have surpassed the 300 mark in polishes and that's WITH a rule as limiting as premium only. I'd be over the 1000 msrk for sure if I had continued to buy Essie, china glaze and the like!

  4. If it helps any, the formula on Festive Finery was great. I know we'd discussed the inconsistency before and I wasn't thrilled with the formula of Fatigues, but this one is okay. But I'm like you - I hate inconsistency in a brand. So usually I'll wait for reviews. But if you have Zoya Petra, you don't *need* Festive Finery. MAC's formula is actually better than Zoya's this time though.



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