Sunday, October 23, 2011

Julep Maggie, Butter London Prince's Plums & Illamasqua Baptiste Swatches & Comparisons

So seeing as how Maggie is an option you can get in the upcoming Julep Maven Box I figured I should post comparisons of this colour as fast as I could. And since I have a zillion and three purple polishes it should be easy, right? WRONG!!!!!!!!!! Julep Maggie is so completely unique and unlike any other purple polish I own. It is described as a frosty amethyst, and a gemstone in a bottle

Now let me start by saying they are all totally different. Julep Maggie leans navy when painted, but is still very purple. Princes plum is FAR FAR FAR lighter on the nail than in the bottle and leans more magenta. Illamasqua is much more purple and lacks the blue leaning tinge in the Julep.


  1. Thanks for the swatches!! I wasn't sure if I wanted the box for this month, but having a swatch of Maggie is helpful!!!

  2. I was honestly not thrilled about lip gloss and a makeup bag. I am PSYCHED to get the polish lovers option and get Michelle, Diane AND Trina!! 3 nail polish was a no brainer in MY world!!!



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