Thursday, October 27, 2011

NARS Holiday Gift Sets

So right now I have two new holiday sets to show you. The first is by NARS. I was soooo excited to see the promotional pictures for this set, but was sadly disappointed when I saw it in person today. I might wear the gold, but all the other three are certainly  not me.

The colours in this set are: Yoshiwara, Shiro-Nuri , Kata & Senryou (in the same order as photographed above. The other holiday set of NARS that had crossed my eye I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED to announce will not make its way over here. I can NOT afford it, do NOT need it, and probably could not stop myself if I saw it in person.

How freaking awesome is that set????? Now the truth is of the five brushes (Kabuki Eye Brush, Botan Brush, Ita Brush, Yachiyo Brush, Kabuki Lip) I have the Yachiyo brush and I have the lip brush which while they say is exclusive to this set, it came in last years STUNNING bento box set (the one with two lipsticks) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lip brush. It is my favourite lip brush I own and i use it daily! But at 225.00 USD for  the 5 brushes, it is definitely out of my price range!


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