Thursday, October 20, 2011

Julep American Beauty November Maven Box Preview


  1. I requested a shelf pull. Did you? I have bombshell

  2. Nope. Im American Beauty and actually really like the polish I got. I dont really want any of the lip glosses, but I assume a shelf pull will still keep the gloss. oh well. a polish and makeup bag are fine with me!

    And I won a free polish of my choice today and a cuticle oil from Julep. So overall I am happy!

  3. Thats awesome! How'd you win that? I'm not very happy with the whole thing actually. I still havent recieved my october box and I placed an order for 4 other polishes to try and they haven't come yet either.

  4. They needed ten people to post their maven stories on their website! I was one so I got a polish of my choice, and the cuticle oil as a prize!

  5. Thats awesome! gotta love freebies, especially nail polish freebies!



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