Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cult Nails A Day at the Races

I can NOT believe I get to type this, but I was just speaking to Maria (yes, THE Maria. The blood, sweat, tears and visionary behind Cult Nails) and I realized, I never posted my swatches from her second collection!!! How did THAT happen??!!

Cruisin' Nude, Captivated,  Let Me Fly
Now there are two other colours in this collection; Devious Nature (a pink) and Always Winning (a seemingly complex green/olive sparkle). While beautiful in their own rights, they just didn't speak to me. The formula on all these was fantastic and all thee of these were one coat.

Now on first swatch I was very disappointed with Captivated to be honest. In the bottle, it is a sparkling-orangey goodness. Swatched however, it was just a pink glitter. YUCK (Remember - I HATE PINK!!!). But I was unwilling to write a colour off all together. Especially when it comes from a brand I admire as much as I do Cult Nails. So I grabbed a couple other colours to use as a base coat. My FAVOURITE was anything orange or coral. Over a coral or orange it looks like exactly what I had originally expected and what the bottle looks like to me. So it certainly is still a LOVE!

So one of my favorite results was over Deborah Lippmann's It's Delovely. Captivated over this Lippmann is exactly what I wanted and wished it to be on its own! I also grabbed Black Passion by Gosh to try something totally different.

Over It's Delovely, Black Passion, and by itself
And what a great Halloween manicure it makes over Black Passion!! Talk about perfect swatching-timing on my part!!



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