Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gosh Holographic & Nfu Oh 61 Swatches & Comparison

A big lemming on a lot of polish lovers lists is Gosh Holographic, I thought today I would post swatches of it, along side a much easier to find and in my opinion better option; Nfu Oh 61. I find in the bottle the Gosh option looks about a shade in a half darker than the Nfu Oh one. Now on the nail I see NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever. But don't take my word for it. Maybe you will see the difference.

Now the big difference is the wear. For both polishes you either want to use the aqua base (both Gosh and Nfu Oh make one) or if you don't have the aqua base, I highly recommend NO base. I know that goes against the "rules" of polish, but thats the way it is with holographic shades. I can get about 2 days to 3 days wear out of the Nfu Oh, but the Gosh seriously chips in your sleep. You can almost just stare at it and watch it flake off.

2 is Nfu Oh, 3 is the Gosh

2 is Nfu Oh, 3 is the Gosh


  1. I want the nfu oh so bad. Like bad. But I just gotta stop spending money! Lol Good swatches, captured them really good.

  2. is that the original Nfu-Oh 61? I want it like mad, but apparently it sucks butt :(



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