Friday, October 7, 2011

New Chanel Vernis for Spring 2012 - April, May & June

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According to Vogue UK, CHANEL has released the details of their new spring/summer 2012 Les Vernis nail collection, and OMG!!! THEY ARE STUNNING!!!!!!

I must say last spring collection left me underwhelmed, and I didn't end up purchasing ANY of the colours. I'm not a sheer girl, and I hate yellow (on me!). So I was very excited to see a spring collection where at least two of the three colours are for me!!!

Spring 2012 brings three new shades named April, May and June. April is a rich fuchsia, June a summery tangerine (and the one i need for sure, no  matter what!!) and  the one I know now I can skip, May is a shell pink.

According to Vogue UK, all the spring 2012 polishes will be available this January.


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