Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Julep Pink Swatches - Carrie, Natalie, Cameron and Mandy

Now I really wish I could take each pink and swatch them individually and compare them to the other pinks in my collection. The problem is these are not mine, and I own no pinks. These are all pinks that I gave to my mom (minus the one that came in her maven box). I hate pink myself and do not own any aside from Jennifer which I find much more neutral. I know its classified as a pink but I will swatch that one separately at a later date.

Now there are 12 pink colours on the Julep website. Aside from reds, this is the colour with the largest selection. I thought I would show you some swatches and how they compare to each other.

Colours as described on the Julep webpage
Carrie – Classic, cotton candy pink. Embrace your girly side! 
Natalie – Chic, retro honeysuckle pink.
Cameron – Energetic, summer pink. 
Mandy – Fresh, bright, deep coral-pink. A favorite for summer pedicures, but surprisingly fetching on manicures, too. 

Now Carrie is described as a cotton candy, but when i see it, I just see bubble gum. For me it just screams BUBBLE GUM PINK!!! Natalie to me is certainly pink, but its very much a coral pink. I see it leans very orangy (yet certainly in the pink not coral category). Cameron is a bright pink. I wish I had better descriptions, but seeing as I am about as far away from a pink person as one can possibly get, its hard to expand more. Mandy is a deeper, brighter version of Natalie in my eyes. A bright in your face coral pink!

Carrie, Natalie, Cameron and Mandy


  1. The only reason I have any pinks is because I will paint friend's nails sometimes...and for some reason they like pink. I am so happy to see another nail-painting pink dis-liker. Why on earth pink is even a color is beyond me.

    1. Why is pink even a colour? OMG!! I laughed so hard t that. I totally agree. I want to start a campaign to change breast cancer colours to... well...... anything else!!! Would love to up port the cause, but, well, I HATE PINK!!



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