Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Ones That Got Away

For every polish lover out there, you know you have it. That long time lemming that you missed out on. Sometimes its a matter of lack of funds, sometimes you just somehow didn't see or hear about it, maybe it was before your polish obsession started. For those of us living outside of the United States, we are very often left in the cold. There are so many department store exclusives, HSN exclusives and others that we just can not get. Even if a store ships internationally, more often than not polish is the exception. I am very appreciative to my many American friends who continue to help me get the lemmings I yearn for.

But we ALL have our long time lemmings. I have worked hard over the past year to "catch up" and get all the polishes I missed out on before my obsession began, but I will share with you the ones that currently plague me with frustration.

This is just one of those polishes that I wish I knew about when it was around, but I missed it. My polish obsession started long after this had come and gone.

I saw the promo pics for this collection. I awaited its arrival anxiously, I STALKED the stores, and guess what? I was stood up. This collection was the prom date that never arrived. I have no idea why, but for some reason here in Canada we got a re-promote collection of miss grey, miss mole, etc instead of this lovely collection. I am still yearning for all but the pink. From left to right the colours are Lavender Love, Misty Mauve, Groovy Grey & Neon Baby.

Nars Soho Polish was a limited edition polish that came as part of the Nars Loves NY set. It was not available on its own and the set was not available in Canada.

What about you guys? What are YOUR long term lemmings and HG polishes you hope to one day have in your stash?


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