Monday, October 24, 2011

Julep Gayle & Dior Purple Mix Swatches & Comparisons

So a lovely lady I know was honoured to get this BEAUTIFUL wonderful purple crème colour from Julep named after her. So the minute I found out this little piece of information, Gayle SKYROCKETED to the top of my wishlist. I knew I HAD to have it. And to know that it was not only named after one of my favourite people,but that it was my favourite COLOUR?? How much better was it going to get than that??? But when it actually came, would I STILL love it just as much?? As it turns out, YES!!!

The colour is creamy and smooth, easy to apply, and opaque in one coat. And lets be honest, I EXPECT that out of Julep. I dream of the day they come out with the Dior brush. That day I will do the dance of joy (Perfect Strangers anyone?? You be Larry, I'll be Balky!). The colour is a deep, clear, true purple. It doesnt lean blue, it doesnt lean red or pink, its just a great purple!

The closest thing I had in my stash (and I have more than 60 purples) was Dior Purple Mix from the Rock Your Nails collection. The Dior one is slightly lighter and has a slightly dustier, greyer tinge to it than the Gayle as you can see in the swatches below. Which one should you get? Well, Dior has the brush. The wonderful, amazing, paint your entire nail in one swipe of the brush brush. The Julep will take a little more in the swiping department, but needs one coat whereas Dior certainly needs two. The Julep is 14.00 for just under 8 ml of polish, whereas the Dior is 10 ml for about 21.00, so Julep wins the price war. Basically, which shade do YOU like better? I personally need BOTH!!!

Juelp Gayle, Dior Purple Mix


  1. Thanks for the comparison! I'm wearing Purple Mix today and have Gayle on the way to me. They definitely look different and so worth having both!

  2. Lovely swatches. I am in love with purple in general ♥



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