Sunday, March 8, 2015

Yves Rocher Zero Defaut Review - Flawless Skin Foundation 14H & Flawless Skin Powder

So look at the package I came home to on Thursday! And inside was the new powder foundation, liquid foundation and concealer from Yves Rocher!

The Zero Defaut  Flawless Skin Foundation 14H has some pretty heft claims!
The secret of a flawless complexion? An invisible finish foundation that instantly conceals blemishes.

With its formula enriched in Botanical-Mineral Fusion pigments, theFlawless Skin Foundation perfectly blends with the skin to unify complexion and reveals flawless* results, for perfect looking skin. 
Result: Ultra-natural invisible finish, blemishes are concealed. 
The Plus: Its long-lasting formula giving impeccable coverage for up to 14 hours.

Now let me just start by saying it does NOT last 14 hours. Nope. But thats not to say I don't like it.

This one is Pinky 000 (or so its called online) but its Rose 000 on the box. The retail price is $28 though its on sale right now for $15 HERE. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump. The pump is nice and the packaging solid. It does not dispense too much foundation at all and two pumps covered my face. That being said, if I were to admit just how anal and obsessive I truly am, I would complain about the lack of a lid over the pump.

Now for colour reference, this is my NARS sheer matte foundation in Monte Blanc. Its a bit brighter and a bit pinkier than Monte Blanc, but not by much. In fact, the shade itself is great for me. A bit darker than my natural skin but since I am glow in the dark white, it works well.  I just have to blend it real well so that you don't see a line where the foundation ends!

Nars is on the left, and Yves Rocher on the right.

And here I am with soaking wet hair straight out of the shower. Pre-makeup.

This is two pumps. I would probably not need as much if not using the foundation brush that eats so much foundation, but its my favourite tool for application.

The foundation is very light and comfy on my face. Its a light to medium foundation. I know it claims to cover blemishes flawlessly, but it really is NOT going to cover and conceal blemishes flawlessly. It will however look like your skin but better.

The flawless Skin Powder is said to mattify the skin. That it does. I am not sure if this is supposed to be a powder foundation or a tinted blotting powder. The description is as follows:
Evens and mattifies complexion. 
The secret of a flawless and mattified complexion! 
With its formula enriched in Bamboo powder, the Flawless Skin Powder evens and mattifies complexion while remaining invisible. Ultra fine, its texture perfectly blends with the skin for a sensation of comfort all day long. 
Result: Complexion is mattified and skin texture is refined. 
The Plus: Its case with a mirror and brush for easy touch-ups throughout the day.

The black plastic packaging is sturdy enough. Again, I got shade Light Pinky which is labeled Rose Clair (light pink). The retail price is $31 though its on sale right now for $17 HERE.

Now this powder is very......... I am not quite sure how to describe it. Its a pressed powder that is VERY pressed in there. You dont get much product when you use a brush.

After three swipes with the brush this is the product that is on the brush.

IF you can see the swatch on the hand its a bit darker than the colour of my hand. Its light and doesnt feel cakey.

I used it here as a setting powder for the foundation.

Now I through on a creme highlighter as an eyeshadow, a touch of mascara, Dior rosy glow blush and then a Lancome lip shade and I was ready to go.

Now for the big question. The wear. Friday I wore it for 10 hours without a primer. It was half worn off. There was visible wear at about the 6 hour mark. On Saturday I wore this over a primer (Benefit PoreFessional) and there was no visible wear after 6 hours, and around the 9 hour mark it started to show a bit. I could easily have used some blotting powder or reapplied a bit of the Flawless Skin Powder however and I am sure that would have carried it to the 14 hour mark though I just washed it off at the 10th hour. For 10 hours with a primer this stuff is great though. The only issue for me is if you say 14 hours, it should wear on its own for 14 hours. But in reality, I find very few products actually wear for the full length advertised (even WITH primers and setting powders).

Overall, I think the liquid foundation is worth picking up (specially right now when its only $15!) and the concealer. For me, there is nothing wrong with the powder and I will certainly use it, but I wouldnt necessarily suggest you need to get it. I will be picking up the light pinky concealer to try out shortly and will do a review on it at a later date, but stay tuned for the general review of the concealer based on the medium pinky shade I was sent which should be up on my blog the day after tomorrow.


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