Friday, March 13, 2015

Face Mask Friday - Clinique Acne Solutions Oil Control Cleansing Mask

We all know I am obsessed with face masks. That is no secret. So of COURSE I had to try this one. I was unsure how I could go so long without ever noticing this, especially since I use at least two other products from this range. But nevertheless, it somehow escaped my radar until recently.

This is a clay mask that only sits on the face for 5 minutes. Usually clay masks take longer than five minutes to try so I was already curious about it for that reason alone.

This mask is WET. I tried to squeeze out a small drop to see the texture and this shot out. A very wet thin consistency that surprised me. So if you are going to try this, be careful because it pores out.

This mask applied VERY smoothly and easily with my trusty ELF foundation brush (its my face mask brush).

I ended up leaving it on about 10 minutes. I never listen to instructions well! It dries quickly and it had started to crack.

I cant say I SAW a difference afterwards but it certainly seemed to dry out my skin and my current breakouts seemed to be drier and look like they were further along than as fresh as they were. And they did dry up and disappear a lot faster than they usually do, so overall, I think this is a great idea as something to use when going through an ACTIVE breakout.

For me the biggest thing is that my face wasn't red or irritated at ALL afterwards. The red you see is my every day red (sad but true). But I always end up with a super red face after ANY face mask and this was the first one that caused NO redness at all. That being said, it never lasts long and its not something that stops me from enjoying a mask. But the fact that it left no irritation speaks to how TRULY gentle this mask really is. Overall, I would certainly not call this a deep cleansing mask and would not likely make it a regular go to for myself like my St Ives, Glamglow or Soap & Glory one, but next time I have an active breakout I am going to go straight to this one! So it certainly has a permanent spot in my medicine cabinet.


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