Sunday, March 1, 2015

Deborah Lippmann Sweet Life VS You've Got A Friend

I am currently wearing Sweet Life on my nails and have to say its VERY similar to You've Got A Friend. So close that its hard to see the difference in person. That is both the joy and the curse of my macro lens on my camera. It makes the differences notable, but sometimes I think that gives the impression that shades are less similar than they really are.

In all the pictures above and below, Sweet Life is on the left. And as you can see, Sweet Life is a teeny bit darker (just a hair) and a tad bit more mauve-ey. Now I am talking about fractions of a difference here. Overall, they are so close to the same shade that while I hesitate to ever call two shades dupes, in this case, they really essentially are. So if you have one, you can fairly easily skip the other.


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