Sunday, March 22, 2015

So Susan Lip Dome Plumping Lip Pencil In Black Currant

I have to start by saying So Susan and Jelly Pong Pong are the same company??!!! How did I not know this before? But I did not. Anyways, on to the review.

I have to say I wish it that it twisted down a bit more. I find it hard to get a precise application with so much product stuck up.

You do get a LOT of product in the tube though.

This product contains both Hyaluronic Acid and Tripeptide-1 that are said to plump the lips. I notice NO plumping effect whatsoever. But having said that it also has none of the tingling or anything else that normally comes with a plumping product.

It is also QUITE pigmented. That being said, the pigment kind of separates in a kinda funky way. I have looked at other reviews for this shade and they say the same thing. So its not just mine. Its not the longest wearing or even leaves that much of a stain behind when it wears off. At $10 each I cant say I would run out to buy any more of these.


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